Off-Target Screening Tools for CRISPR/Cas approaches

Dear all,

I am trying get an overview about the CRISPR/Cas mediated genome editing procedure. The screening for off-targets is a critical factor for getting results without unplanned editing events, so I am looking for methods to prevent mutagenesis outside of the desired region.

Does someone have a recommendation for a bioinformatic tool to predict off-targets?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Orexis,

you may could be interested in this phytoneers short-review entry:

Prediction and screening for off-targets in CRISPR/Cas genome editing approaches

Beside some other informations it also contains a list with currently available off-target prediction tools where you maybe can find a suitable one. I copied them here:

Surely does not enable screening in all available plant species yet due to lack of data, but possibilities are gradually extended.